The ongoing chronicles of a closet optimist

My God, it's full of scars!

.... and Guilder to frame for it!
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We are more alike than we are different.

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My account is linked to my Facebook account. However, my comments DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY feed into my Facebook page. Commenters be warned, however, My Facebook account pulls all my public posts into the Notes section, with a link back to the original post. This means that any comments you make on a public post of mine might have a larger audience than it otherwise would have. But, to repeat, no comment of mine will ever be seen on my Facebook page.

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What people have said about me.

"For an pessimist, he's pretty optimistic."
- koemiko -

"Now whenever someone says "The stupid - It BURNS!" I picture roasting marshmallows over that fire, with you."
- vrax -

"Cute as a kitten, hung like a panther. It's why he falls down so often!"
- son_of_ottie -

"Although melancholy, namfle is witty, kind, and introspective. If you ever need someone to tell you the truth, provide you with support, offer advice, or give you a good belly laugh, namfle is the person to talk to."
- koemiko -

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What I say about myself:

This is the journal of a real, live, American adult. I'm a child and a parent, and my posts reflect both sides of that dichotomy. This is to say that you may run into adult content here, and you may not. It's my journal, and I'll post what I like.

I create my own icons unless otherwise credited. I also create and post icons that I don't use. If you take one that I have made, please credit me. It's just a line of text, maybe 30 characters long. It's not a lot to ask for.

  • a reformed drama queen
  • a reformed romantic
  • a dad
  • a brother
  • the good son
  • The Lorg of Typos
  • a little crazy
  • a good friend

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    I write a little. Sometimes fiction, sometimes verse. Some of it, even, for a bit of purse.
    For items that're new and a bit of verse, I've made a community although for now it's quite slight.
    Click the link and take a read, and comment if you please over on write_night.

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    TwoHeadedCat. Clickey!

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    Strengths: Loyal, Kind-hearted, Quick to laugh, Quick to listen, Won't steal your lunch money, Generous, Entertaining (sometimes, even on purpose!), Brutally honest, Tactful
    Weaknesses: Runty, Mean tempered, Generous to a fault, Sometimes slow on the take, Unschooled, Addicted to ice cream
    Special Skills: Story telling in many of it's glorious forms (short stories, novels and scripts!). Great listener and a strong, sturdy shoulder to lean on. Able to see multiple sides to most things. Fast learner. Knows when to shut up. Knows when to make with the funny. +10 to save vs. food/drink snarfing.
    Weapons: Sharp wit, Clever wording, Stunning eyebrow movement, Deadly references, Laughter: It's kill or be killed with me. :D
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